1. How can I get your products?

You can get our products anywhere in the world.

Before ordering any of our products make sure you have been diagnosed and gotten prescription for that particular health challenge.

Prescription guides and consultations are available click on this link (PRESCRIPTION GUIDE).

  1. Should I take any of these products during pregnancy?

– Products are not for pregnant women

– Stop treatment immediately pregnancy is confirmed

  1. Will the baby be affected negatively during the course of treatment?

– Our products will not affect your pregnancy at that stage. We advise that since our products are not routine prenatal drugs, once you confirm pregnancy stop taking them.

  1. Should I take these products together with vitamins?

– Do not take these products with folic acid, vitamin supplements or hematinics (Blood capsules) as well as other products not recommended.

  1. What should I avoid during treatment?

– Avoid taking milk, coconut and bitter cola

– Reduce your intake of high sugar and alcoholic drinks

– Stop eating clay, native chalk/white chalk (NZU in Igbo)

-Reduce intake of carbohydrate rich foods such as rice and avoid white bread.

– Avoid fatty foods

Go green!!


  1. Can I have sexual activity during the course of treatment of infection?

– These drugs especially for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections may not work well if you have multiple sexual partners and or practicing unprotected sex with your partner. Be sure your husband or wife has been treated along the line.


  1.  Should I be having intercourse with my wife while treatting low sperm count and infection?

– You should abstain from having sexual activity during the first 30 days at least.

Why? This is basically to allow your body system engage a suitable level of absorption of the product’s active ingredients before pregnancy occurs half-way which in most cases may lead to miscarriage. Another reason for this is to also ensure that even if your partner is infected, you won’t be immediately re-infected. Observing this has helped more consumers achieve pregnancy faster. We recommend using condoms if your partner will not be able to comply to the first 30 days abstinence rule.


  1. What are the side effects and signs that the fibroid or ovarian Cysts treatment is working?

– They may cause slight headache/sleepiness if overdosed

– There could be colicky abdominal pain in some patients due to

degeneration process of the fibroid tissues and shrinking of cysts or fibroids.

– There could be prolonged period up to 14 days which rarely occurs in some fibroid patients due to fibroid degeneration.

– Treatment response is monitored through a repeated abdominopelvic ultrasound scan after the first 8 weeks of medication. A reduction in the size of fibroid or ovarian Cysts more than 2cm within 6 weeks treatment course is an indication of good prognosis.

  1. Do you offer payment on delivery?

Yes! Payment on delivery (POD) is available in major cities in Nigeria. In Ghana payment on delivery is available in Accra. If you are in Europe/USA you pay for the products first via Western Union money transfer and for DHL Courier service /Waybill before we ship the products to you.

  1. Are these brands registered with NAFDAC?

Yes, all the  products are registered by NAFDAC and REPROXID with FDA Ghana