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LaxTup Capsule


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– Helps clear Ovarian cyst

– Shrinks fibroid

– Regulates hormone

LaxTup Capsules can shrink non calcified fibroid between 1-5 cm within 2 months treatment course.

Note! A repeat of pelvic scan is recommended after 8 weeks of treatment commencement to access the treatment progress.

* Calcified type of fibroid does not respond to medical treatment and the best solution is surgery. Big fibroid especially larger than 7cm may have poor response and may not respond to medication due to large thickness of its tissues.

* Some patients with Fibroid may experience colicky abdominal pains due to the degeneration of the fibroid tissues. This may be accompanied with prolonged period in rare cases which may last up to 14 days during the medication as a result of fibroid degeneration or endometrial shedding in patients with endometriosis or endometrial hyperplasia.


May cause headache/sleepiness if overdosed

There could be colicky abdominal pain in some patients with fibroid /ovarian cyst due to degeneration processes of the fibroid tissues and shrinking of cyst.

There could be prolonged period up to 14 days which rarely occurs in some fibroid patients due to fibroid degeneration.


-For fibroid and ovarian cyst, treatment response is monitored through a repeated abdominopelvic ultrasound scan after the first 8 weeks of medication.

A reduction in the size of Ovarian cyst more than 2cm within 8 weeks treatment course is an indication of good prognosis. A reduction in the size of fibroid more than 1cm within 8 weeks treatment course is induction of good prognosis.


Recommended dose: 6 packs


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