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The active ingredients of Feloklear are largely used for:

– Treating vaginal discharge (caused by yeast infection, P.I.D. or Candida albicans),

– Stops flow back of sperm (caused by blockages of the fallopian tubes/hydrosalphinx due to infection)

– Reduces menstrual pains

– Boosts enjoyment of intimacy

– Reduces foul odours (in the vagina)

– Improves vaginal cleanness

– And generally helps to cleanse the womb and prepare the body for conception

Dosage & Administration

Feloklear Capsule is best taken orally and the recommended dosage is two capsules with warm or normal water 10 minutes before breakfast and two capsules 10 minutes before dinner. Feloklear Capsule should be taken for 3 months (Recommended packs is 6 packs).


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