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You may be among those moms and moms-to-be finding it difficult to get timely and professional advice and support they need because there are lots of free information everywhere from non-health professionals.

At Every Mother Matters (EMM) we want to make expert advice simply available than before no matter your location. We want you to get quick and reliable answers concerning your personal care, wellness and fertility issues, discuss strategies to combat them, make right decisions and are followed up until desired result is achieved.

EMM is an online women’s health clinic and one stop shop for ONLY certified herbal (organic) wellness, fertility-friendly and personal care products. We understand that health is paramount and information is power; you can have direct consultations with our doctors, nurses, midwives, book appointments, access health tips, and buy healthcare products you need on Every Mother Matters.

EMM is in partnership with Africa’s top wellness and fertility-friendly brands such as:  Dr.Quick, Ryde-on, Freeflow, Kandikrush, Feloklear, Bitter+Bitter, Yotsin, Laxtup, Regula8, Rebofla among others.

To facilitate accurate prescription advice and treatment, kindly fill out our free assessment form. Keep scrolling through our website to learn more about our services.

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