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FreeFlow Capsule for Men is a premium natural fertility capsule specifically designed to support healthy sperm development and increases a man’s chances of fathering a child.

Major Health Benefits of FreeFlow Capsule for men:

– Supports men’s overall reproductive health

– Enhances vitality and libido

– Protects sperm from free radical damage

– Enhances sperm formation and maturation

– Enhances sperm motility, count, speed and concentration

– Increases blood flow

Dosage & Administration

FreeFlow Capsule for Men is best taken orally and the recommended dosage is two capsules of FreeFlow Capsule with warm or normal water 10 minutes before breakfast and two capsules 10 minutes before dinner. Since sperm requires approximately 74 days to mature and up to 20 additional days to be capable of fertilization, FreeFlow Capsule for men should be taken for 3-4 months I.e 6-8 packs.

Note! To treat Azospermia use 6 packs of Freeflow for Men and 4 bottles of Dr. Quick Capsule for 90 days.


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